Recycled scrap goods benefit community projects

Environmental staff in the south of Glasgow raised money for good causes by recycling scrap metal.

Recycled white goods helped fund local projects

GHA’s Neighbourhood Environmental Team based at Lyoncross Depot in Pollok collected discarded household items such as old washing machines and cookers from back courts and bin shelters and sold them on.

In the past year, the guys recycled around 50 tons of items – which would otherwise have end up in landfill – and donated almost £1,000 to good causes.

Projects which have benefited include Crookston Boys’ Club, dance groups and a charity called The Night Before Christmas, which provides presents for underprivileged youngsters.

Tenant Renee Lowther, Chair of GHA’s local committee, said: “Recycling these unwanted items has been great for the environment in our communities – and a fantastic way of raising much-needed funds for local groups.”

Pictured above are environmental staff, including Environmental Support Manager Arthur Bell, third left, with tenant Renee Lowther and some of the items they collected for recycling.


Monday, January 16, 2017