Ice work guys!

Wheatley’s environmental teams pulled out all the stops – and a fair amount of grit – to help vulnerable customers cope with the wintry weather.

Wheatley staff out gritting pathways and pavements

As temperatures plummeted and snow and ice began to take hold, our guys were out and about gritting pathways and clearing pavements to make them safe for residents.

Residents in GHA homes in Christchurch Drive in Glasgow’s east end were delighted to see their pavements and roads free of dangerous snow and ice.

Older tenants at Loretto’s sheltered complex at St James’ Way in Coatbridge could get out and about safely after our environmental teams shovelled snow and cleared pathways.

In Cube’s Wyndford and Broomhill estates, in Glasgow, staff used a special snow plough attachment to their van.

At Ibroxholm Oval, also in Glasgow, Lowther Homes had extra environmental staff to help with gritting, while YourPlace did the same at the Commonwealth Games village in Dalmarnock, Glasgow.

Meanwhile, WLHP and Barony’s environmental guys based in Bathgate acted as a rapid response team to help any customers with emergencies.

And in Edinburgh, Dunedin Canmore staff sprang into action to grit the pavements outside the New Mart Road offices, as well as responding to any other areas where they were needed.

Wheatley’s Tam Rough said: “Our teams are always available to help our customers – whatever the weather.”

Monday, January 22, 2018