Supporting our customers to enter further and higher education with clear pathways into employment.


Find out more about some of the projects the Wheatley Foundation supports to help our customers lead their lives to the full.

Wheatley Foundation bursaries

Wheatley Foundation Bursaries are our way of offering lifeline support to tenants and their families to let them pursue their dreams of going to university.

The bursary programme opens each year for applications and successful applicants will receive a grant of up to £1500 for full-time study, or £750 for part-time, to help them cover the costs of higher and further education.

In the last year alone, the Foundation supported 77 customers through a bursary with recipients going on to train in professions as diverse as teaching, social care, and physiotherapy.

These grants are a brilliant chance for our tenants and their families to gain qualifications and equipping them with the skills to help them land their dream job.

The bursaries are available to people living in homes owned by one of Wheatley’s social landlords - GHA, DGHP, Dunedin Canmore, West Lothian Housing Partnership and Loretto Housing - and people who live in a home factored by or renting with Lowther.

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In Their Own Words

Jennifer, a WLHP tenant from Blackburn, recently completed an Honours Degree in Business Management after receiving an education bursary.

She said "the bursary has been an absolutely godsend. It's made a big difference to us as a family, and took away some of the stress and worry about our finances while I was studying."