Board and management

The Wheatley Board comprises up to seven Non-Executive Directors, the Chair of GHA, a nominated GHA tenant Board member and the Group Chief Executive. The Board also has up to five co-opted Directors.

The Board meets every two months to discuss the Group’s strategic direction and to examine how it is progressing against its objectives.

The Board is not directly involved in running its partner organisations: GHA, Cube, West Lothian Housing Partnership, Dunedin Canmore, Barony Housing Association, Loretto Housing, Loretto Care, YourPlace and Lowther Homes.

Decision making on key operational matters in each partner organisation remains the responsibility of the individual Board.

Each of Wheatley’s partner organisations puts its customers and communities at the heart of its decisions, listening and responding to feedback.

The function of the Wheatley Group Board is to pull together the component strands of the Group and to take a strategic overview of its activities. The Board ensures the Group uses its size and scale to achieve maximum value for money and efficiency for our customers and communities.

To achieve this, the Board has three sub-committees: the Group Audit Committee; the Remuneration, Appointments, Appraisals and Governance Committee, and the Strategic Development Committee.

Read our latest Board minutes here.