Social media House Rules

Thanks for visiting us on social media.

We love to hear from customers and partners on Twitter. Our guidelines help make our Twitter channel a place for everyone to enjoy.

House Rules

  • we reserve the right to remove any posts and ban any users who break the House Rules
  • we don’t accept the use of obscene language and you may not receive a reply. We have an automatic filter in place on our subsidiary Facebook pages to block swearing in posts
  • vulgar, abusive or threatening language will be removed – and may see the user banned
  • inappropriate, threatening or offensive posts about Wheatley Group, our subsidiaries or any member of staff will be removed and may see the user banned
  • don’t spam our page with repetitive comments or link baiting
  • we do not tolerate abuse directed to other Facebook or Twitter users. Please treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
  • we don’t allow users to promote or advertise other services on our social media channels – and posts containing such content will be removed.


If you follow us, we will not automatically follow you back. Being followed or re-posted by us does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Direct messages and replies

All direct questions and messages are read and answered as soon as possible.

However, questions, statements and messages which are in breach of our House Rules will be removed and may see the person who posted the message banned.

Anything that is abusive, indecent, unlawful or defamatory will not be displayed. Individuals are personally liable for the comments they submit.

Contact Wheatley Group’s social media team

We update and monitor our social media channels during office hours, Monday to Friday – apart from public holidays.

Our social media channel may occasionally be unavailable. We accept no responsibility for lack of service due to platform downtime.

If you feel your post has been unfairly removed, or have any questions regarding our social media moderation policy, please email us.