Group partners

We do more for our customers by bringing together diverse income streams, investing wisely in local communities and bringing great ideas to life.

Together, we are creating a stronger, more secure future. We are committed to doing more for our customers, communities and staff.

Find out more about the partner organisations which make up Wheatley Group:

  • GHA - Scotland’s largest social landlord, with 40,000 affordable homes in Glasgow;
  • Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership - which joined the Group in December 2019 and has 10,000 homes;
  • Dunedin Canmore - owning and managing 5500 homes in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife;
  • Cube Housing Association - with more than 3500 homes across the West of Scotland;
  • Loretto Housing - with 1300 affordable homes in the central belt;
  • West Lothian Housing Partnership - with around 400 affordable homes;
  • Barony Housing Association - which has more than 360 social-rented homes and provides care and support to around 700 people in Central Scotland;
  • Loretto Care - which provides care and support to around 3000 people every week across Scotland;
  • YourPlace Property Management - Scotland's “Feel Good Factor”, serving over 32,000 customers customers across the country;
  • Lowther Homes - which owns and manages a growing portfolio of over 1600 mid and full-market apartments;
  • Wheatley Solutions - where 500 staff provide support services to the Group subsidiaries;
  • Wheatley Foundation - which invests over £5 million annually supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Wheatley’s communities;
  • and City Building (Glasgow) - jointly owned by Wheatley and Glasgow City Council, employing over 2000 employees and providing repairs and maintenance services to Wheatley homes in the west of Scotland.