Jehan Weerasinghe headshot

The pandemic has challenged us all to adapt, but at Wheatley Group it is our adaptability that will see us through, writes GHA Managing Director Jehan Weerasinghe

Wheatley Group staff at work

Wheatley Group is transforming the way staff develop key professional skills. Elaine Melrose, Group Director of Resources, explains why Wheatley is 'hiring the hearts, training the heads'.

New GHA managing director, Jehan Weerasinghe

Digital channel shift in the housing sector gives us a huge opportunity to offer our customers a far more personalised approach to services, writes GHA’s new managing director Jehan Weerasinghe.

Wheatley Foundation My Money launch

Wheatley Foundation's Lorraine McLaren explains how the Group is helping break the cycle of poverty and exclusion.


When Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), at the end of last year, was named one of Europe’s top businesses, it dispelled the myth public organisations can’t be as efficient, as high performing and as customer focused as the private sector, without losing any aspect of social conscience, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong

When Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) picked up a trophy for being one of Europe’s best businesses, it proved that social organisations can be as sharp as top global companies while still making the needs of society its core purpose, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Jean Albert Nietcho

Engaging communities in local decisions is central to what housing associations do. Jean Albert Nietcho talks about his personal journey with his landlord, GHA, and how his voice is helping make a difference.