The Foundation story

The Wheatley Foundation, our charitable trust, is “Making Lives Better” for thousands people in our communities across Scotland.


VIDEO: Wheatley Foundation: Making Lives Better

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The Foundation is aiming to help 10,000 disadvantaged or vulnerable people each year to reach their full potential, focusing on five key areas of interest:

The Foundation’s five key areas of interest are:

  • POVERTY: tackling social exclusion and taking people out of poverty;
  • EMPLOYABILITY: Wheatley Works is creating job, career, training and apprenticeship opportunities;
  • EDUCATION: providing access to Higher and Further Education;
  • DIGITAL INCLUSION: increasing and expanding digital and online access and capability;
  • SPORT AND ART: helping people, old and young, to lead more vibrant, active lives.

The Foundation’s £3 million plus annual budget is funded by external grants and charitable donations from Wheatley’s partner organisations.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wheatley Foundation has provided lifeline support to people in our communities in their time of need. Find out more at 'How the Foundation stepped up as never before'.

The wide range of programmes, activities and initiatives supported by the Foundation also includes one of Scotland’s largest Modern Apprenticeship programmes and My Great Start, a support and advisory service that helps vulnerable tenants settle into their new homes and sustain their tenancy. Find out more about the other programmes below:

    My Money

    A £4.2 million service, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund, providing financial advice and support to disadvantaged people in Glasgow through a team of specialist mentors recruited from the third sector.

    Home Comforts

    Providing tenants in financial difficulty, who are unable to furnish their homes, with free, good-quality recycled white goods and furniture.

    Changing Lives traineeships

    An employability scheme for tenants who face barriers getting into work.

    Wheatley Bursaries

    We offer full-time students up to £1500 a year for two years and £750 a year for part-time students in Wheatley communities.

    Fuel advisors

    Helps tenants manage fuel bills and ensure they are on the best tariffs and receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled.

    The Wheatley Pledge

    This long-running initiative, part of the Wheatley Works range of programmes, is part funded by contractors and suppliers, creating jobs and training opportunities for people living in Wheatley communities.

    Click & Connect

    Our Click & Connect centres offering free access to computers and tuition helping tenants get online.