Universal Credit

Wheatley Group's social landlords are going the extra mile to support tenants on Universal Credit.

Housing officer meets tenant

Expert support and advice is available for tenants of GHA, DGHP, Dunedin Canmore, Cube, Loretto Housing and WLHP to mitigate the impact of Universal Credit.

Tenants going on to Universal Credit, or already on it, should get in touch with their housing officer straight away. We can help.

If circumstances change and tenants need to claim Universal Credit, they should do it quickly so the first payment isn't delayed. We'll help tenants make a claim and offer support till the first payment comes in.

Tenants will also need to go online and have an email address. We can help them get online.

Universal Credit money gets paid into a bank account. Don't have one? We'll help tenants set one up. We can also help tenants budget as the money needs to stretch for a month.

Find out more about Universal Credit and the support available by each of our social landlords at: