Assurance statement

The Group Board considered evidence at its meeting on 26 October 2022 and confirmed we have appropriate assurance that all Registered Social Landlords which are part of Wheatley Housing Group Limited (being Wheatley Housing Group, Wheatley Homes Glasgow, Wheatley Homes East, Wheatley Homes South and Loretto Housing Association) materially comply with:

  • all relevant regulatory requirements set out in Chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework;
  • all relevant standards in the Scottish Social Housing Charter; and
  • taking into account the guidance and restrictions relating to the Covid 19 pandemic over the course of the reporting period, all relevant legislative duties

The Group Board confirms that we are making strong progress in relation to the collection of equalities information and human rights and have sought to collect equalities data from all tenants in line with the National guidance for Scottish social landlords.

The requirement to carry out Electrical Installation Condition Reports has changed from 10 to 5 years. Approximately 2% of properties are recorded as not having an up to date EICR.  In all cases reasonable attempts to obtain access have been unsuccessful and enforcement action is being pursued to ensure that all properties have a valid EICR.

For and on behalf of the Board of Wheatley Housing Group Limited

Josephine  Armstrong


26 October 2022