Wheatley Pledge

The Wheatley Pledge, part of Wheatley Works range of programmes, is a financial incentive scheme provided by Wheatley Foundation to employers who recruit unemployed people who live in one of our homes or receive our care services.

Companies who sign up to the Pledge receive a wage incentive from Wheatley for any new apprenticeship or job created. The Wheatley Pledge is also over and above any community benefit targets within contracts.

It is just another way Wheatley is helping ‘Making Homes and Lives Better’ for people living in our communities across Scotland and to support people to live life to the full.

The Pledge is different for each company and depends on the size and nature of the business. Apprenticeships can be in trades such as plumbing or joinery, or modern apprentices in areas including IT, business or environmental work.

In addition, contractors and suppliers can also provide ‘in-kind’ services to local voluntary organisations working within our communities.

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Sign up to the Wheatley Pledge

If you would like to sign up for the Wheatley Pledge, or discuss your current Pledge, please email wheatley.pledge@wheatley-group.com