Contact procurement

Do you have any procurement questions outwith a formal Contract Notice?

Please contact a member of our Procurement Team who specialise in your service.

Team member Procurement roleEmailTelephone
Laurie Carberry Group Procurement & Performance Manager Laurie.Carberry@wheatley-group.com07391019893
Julieth Ani Procurement Advisor Julieth.Ani@wheatley-group.com07385968883
Janice Russell Procurement Advisor Janice.russell@wheatley-group.com0141 274 6279
Ian Brown Procurement Advisor Ian.brown@wheatley-group.com0141 274 6531
Emma Dalton Supplier Relationship Co-ordinator Emma.dalton@wheatley-group.com07825841908
Craig Bouse Procurement Manager
Neve Beaton Business Graduate Neve.beaton@wheatley-group.com07825823911

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