Fire safety

Our partner organisations are reassuring residents about the robust safety approach in place across our multi-storeys to minimise the risk of fire and prevent it spreading.

The materials used in our multi-storey investment programme meet all Scottish building standards and regulations for this type of property. We also carry out regular patrols and inspections as part of our broader approach to health and safety. This includes quarterly inspections by our partner Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Wheatley Group Director of Property and Development Tom Barclay said: “We want to reassure residents living in our multi-storey blocks that we have a robust approach in place to minimise the risk of fire, and prevent it spreading.

“We have a very successful partnership with Scottish Fire and Rescue which has seen an officer seconded to work alongside our housing staff. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in fire safety in and around our homes, including our multi-storey flats in recent years.

“We will listen very carefully to any additional safety recommendations or advice from the authorities as a result of the London fire and are standing ready to take any necessary actions around any lessons to be learned.”

The majority of our multi-storeys have been, or are being fitted, with external wall insulation as part of our investment programme to make homes warmer, drier and more affordable. The systems used are designed to prevent the spread of fire and they are manufactured with non-combustible materials.