Supporting our communities in these extraordinary times

We are doing everything we can to support our communities through these extraordinary times.

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However, we are are providing a restricted range of services following the latest government guidance on tackling the Coronavirus crisis.

Our number-one priority will continue to be ensuring all tenants and their families remain safe and secure in their homes, whilst safeguarding the welfare and wellbeing of our staff.

As a result, our housing offices are now closed and our housing staff are working from home.

These new working arrangements are focused on providing essential services and in putting them in place, we have:

  • fully equipped staff to work from home and although home visits are suspended, your housing officer will remain in contact with you by telephone, email and text;
  • restricted repairs and maintenance to emergency and essential services only;
  • urged all tenants to let us know if, through being ill or self-isolating, they will find it difficult to pay their rent;
  • ensured all appointments with welfare benefits and fuel advisors are fulfilled by phone;
  • prioritised the work of Neighbourhood Environmental Teams to focus on essential services, such as fire-safety patrols and cleaning in multi-storeys and bulk uplifts;
  • created local Rapid Response teams to handle priority requests;
  • and ensured our EatWell service continues to target vulnerable tenants in need of emergency food provisions.

We are urging everyone to contact us through our website and by email so that we can deal with emergencies and the most vulnerable people by phone.

Our message to all customers is if that if they are worried about paying their rent, get in touch. The sooner they contact us, the quicker we can help them.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020