West Lothian Housing Partnership joins with Dunedin Canmore after tenant ballot

West Lothian Housing Partnership (WLHP) has formally become part of Dunedin Canmore Housing.

Housing officer meets tenant

Earlier this year, 90% of WLHP tenants who voted in an independent ballot did so in favour of the two organisations coming together within Wheatley Group.

Joining forces paves the way for Dunedin Canmore to do more for communities across the east of Scotland.

This includes:

  • limiting future rent increases over the next two years to 2.5%;
  • spending an extra £600,000 on existing homes; and
  • building 1000 new homes in West Lothian over the next 10 years.

Hazel Young, Wheatley Group Director of Housing and Property Management, said: “It’s an exciting time for Dunedin Canmore.

“We’re investing in existing homes and building new ones tailored to the needs of our communities and tenants will continue to enjoy the same excellent services they are used to.”

A total of 90% of WLHP tenants who took part in a ballot which ran from 30 May to 27 June supported the plans. Tenants were able to vote by post, by phone, online and by text.

WLHP and Dunedin Canmore formally joined forces on 5 September.

Thursday, September 08, 2022