Wheatley hosts the European Federation for Living’s inaugural Scottish conference

Leading figures from the European housing sector joined delegates from major universities and research institutes in Glasgow for the European Federation for Living (EFL) conference.

Wheatley hosts the European Federation for Living’s inaugural Scottish conference

Scotland’s leading housing, care and property management organisation, Wheatley Group, was selected by EFL as the host of the prestigious event.

Themes focussed on the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, the next generation of social housing leaders and the regeneration of Glasgow.

Delegates were welcomed by Wheatley Group Chair Jo Armstrong to Wheatley House and were given a guided tour of the £250million Sighthill Transformational Regeneration Area, which will see over 800 homes built in the north of Glasgow.

They also heard about Wheatley’s ‘Here for You’ cost-of-living campaign and the wraparound services Wheatley customers benefit from.

Wheatley Group Chair Jo Armstrong said: “The housing sector policy approaches are about much more than one organisation or one country. That is why we were delighted to be given the opportunity to host EFL’s first Scottish conference.

“This event brought together some of Europe’s greatest housing minds to share innovative thinking, foster an exchange of knowledge and promote economic and sustainable housing development practices.

“Wheatley’s vison for Better Homes and Better Lives was showcased throughout – and was well-received by delegates – and our teams should be proud of everything they have achieved for the communities we work in.”

The EFL is a European network of housing associations, companies and experts, working together with one goal: to create more affordable, sustainable housing.

It has associates from 19 European countries and represents more than 1,300,000 homes across Europe.

EFL chairman Ben Pluijmers said: “The EFL conference was a great success thanks to the skills and efforts of Wheatley Group. I would like to thank Wheatley for hosting our first Scottish conference.

“International events like this are important because, if you look at the huge challenges the affordable housing sector is facing – not just in Scotland, but across Europe – they are very comparable.

“Learning from each other and other countries is key to moving forward and EFL is one of the few platforms that brings housing associations, universities and enterprises together from different countries to do this.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2022