Investing in homes

Did you know Wheatley is investing heavily in improving our homes?

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Find out more about our huge investment programme in 2018/19 to improve flats and houses in our communities. Did you know...

Wheatley invested £65m in 2018/19 improving homes?

The massive investment in existing homes across all of our social landlords helped make the homes warmer, more energy efficient and attractive places to live.

GHA's investment and new-build programme contributed £2b to the Scottish economy?

Economists at the Fraser of Allander Institute published a report in January 2019 into the economic impact of the work carried out by GHA. Since stock transfer in 2003, GHA has modernised 70,000 homes and built almost 2500 homes. The programme also supported 2425 full-time jobs every year.

GHA invested £48.2m improving homes?

In 2018/19, GHA delivered £48.2m of planned improvements in homes and communities. This included 1800 tenants benefiting from new improved, energy-efficient heating for residents at Hillpark Drive. This system replaced old electric heating, helping to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Cube invested £7.7m making homes better?

In 2018/19 Cube invested a total of £7.7m improving its homes and communities. £1.3m was invested in delivering the final phase of external wall insulation and roof renewal at 27 blocks in Ladyton and Nobleston estates, West Dumbartonshire.

Dunedin Canmore invested £7.6m on home improvements?

In 2018/19 Dunedin Canmore invested a total of £7.6m improving its homes and communities. 300 tenants benefited from new modern kitchens. 210 tenants also received bathroom upgrades, including new showers and flooring.

Loretto Housing Association invested £1.14m improving homes?

In 2018/19 Loretto invested £1.14m improving its homes and communities. Tenants at Smyllum Place, Keppochhill Road and Broomlands Court benefited from new bathroom upgrades. Showers were also installed in properties which did not previously have one ensuring all Loretto homes now benefit from modern bathing facilities.

WLHP invested £249,000 in 2018/19 improving homes?

In 2018/19 WLHP invested £249k improving its homes and communities, including fitting new highly efficient gas boilers in Marina Road, Perth Street, Elm Terrace, Elm Court, Rowan Place and Leyland Road.

Barony spent £800,000 improving homes?

In 2018/19 Barony invested £800k improving its homes and communities including 59 tenants benefiting from new modern kitchens.