Courtney McMahon

Courtney McMahon

Courtney McMahon, 22, from Moodiesburn is a Housing Assistant at Cube after coming through the Modern Apprentice programme.

There are so many reasons why school leavers should become a Modern Apprentice with Wheatley.

Confidence and opportunities are just two.

When I left school I never believed I’d be able to stand in front of groups of people and talk to them. Now, it doesn’t faze me.

Being a Modern Apprentice really helps you grow as a person.

You learn how to work with other staff of all ages. You are treated as an equal straight away. You get respect from your colleagues.

Being straight out of school was a real help. I was able to bring new skills and understanding of how young people think and what they need.

I was also able to learn off the more experienced housing staff.

You are helping people every day and helping them in so many different ways. It’s a big responsibility – and I love it.

A Modern Apprenticeship was perfect for me. I just wanted to get started at work and throw myself into it. It’s been a brilliant experience.

As well as earning while you learn, you also get money off gym membership, health and a free travel pass. It’s amazing.

There are also so many opportunities with Wheatley. You can try move within the business and try new things.

I’d tell anyone to go for it and apply.

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