Taylor McCulloch

Taylor McCulloch

Taylor McCulloch, 19, from Edinburgh, is in the second year of his modern apprenticeship.

What’s the best part of being a Modern Apprentice?

You get loads of training, learn new skills and there are great benefits such as getting paid while you learn.

But you also really develop as a person.

I used to be extremely shy. Now I can stand up in front of 100 people and talk to them. It really builds your confidence.

I hadn’t thought about housing as a career.

When I left school I was interested in joining the police. But the advice I got was to get a bit more experience.

I’m a tenant of Dunedin Canmore and our housing officer told me about the modern apprentice programme.

I honestly never thought it would be this interesting.

Right from the start I was helping out in the office, preparing tenancy agreements and helping set up Board meetings.

The housing officers also take me out so I can learn more about our customers and communities.

I’ve been out to see WLHP’s new homes getting built at Jarvey Street, Dixon Terrace and Kirk Lane.

My apprenticeship finishes in seven months. I’m already looking ahead and applying for admin roles within Wheatley.

I’d say to anyone who is thinking about applying to go for it!

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