African Housing Forum gives tenants a voice

Our African Housing Forum helps tenants make their voices heard – and spreads the word about job opportunities at the same time.

African Forum

Tenants from an African background meet regularly to discuss their concerns and help GHA understand what particular customers need.

Tenant Lara Lasisi says it’s an important way to find out about GHA’s support for tenants.

Lara, from Govan, said: “The forum’s a good way for us to talk about our communities.

“We have the same concerns as other tenants – community safety, repairs, environmental services and so on.

“But we have our own priorities. Members of the forum are good at circulating information to other African tenants, and reminding people about the support available from GHA.

“It works well because we can direct our concerns to GHA – and GHA listens.”

Lara also got a lot of practical benefits from the forum, including a 12-week work placement with Early Years Scotland, a voluntary body representing pre-school groups, as well as a work placement in the Wheatley Academy.

Lara added: “The work placement gave me the opportunity to work in childcare and get practical experience and meet new people.

“That’s a good way of increasing opportunities for other tenants.”

The theme of the next African Forum is GHA support services including fuel and welfare benefit advice.

It takes place on 12 April at Wheatley House. For more details, phone 0141 274 6612.

A creche will be available.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017