New homes help people into work

GHA’s new homes not only provide modern, spacious places for tenants to live – they’re helping people into work at the same time.

community benefit scheme helps people into work

GHA contracts for new-build homes all include guarantees that at a percentage of jobs and apprenticeships go to people who are unemployed.

More than 2000 people have secured jobs and apprenticeships that way since the ‘community benefit’ scheme started in 2006.

Tenant Ryan Docherty, from Penilee, started work as a trainee scaffolder last summer with GHA contractor McTaggarts.

He’s working on a building site in Springburn, a position he got through the community benefit scheme.

Ryan, 18, said: “There aren’t that many jobs out there so this was a great opportunity. It’s good. I’m learning so much about construction.

“This is my first steady wage so it makes a difference. Working full-time helps you grow up. It’s made me better at communicating – I’m going to start driving lessons soon too.

“I’d recommend getting in touch with GHA to see what’s available.”

The community benefit scheme – run by Wheatley Foundation – has now been extended beyond the firms who build new homes.

That means that more GHA contractors – the firms who provide staff mobile phones, for example, or supply the electricity for GHA offices – will also provide benefits for GHA communities.

Wheatley Foundation’s Lorraine McLaren said: “Our community benefit clause has been an important way of increasing job opportunities for tenants.

“Now we’re extending it to cover even more areas of what GHA does. As well as jobs and training, our suppliers will be doing things like volunteering, making donations to community groups, providing work placements for our tenants, and more. It’s a great way to help even more people in our communities.”

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Thursday, August 17, 2017